Natural remedies to outlast pharma cures

CFPLogoMy wife and I get our primary care from Central Family Practice here in Austin. It’s a remarkable medical group because it gives equal emphasis to Western and traditional medicine. They’re just as likely to give you Chinese herbs as a prescription to fill. Whatever remedy works best, they’ll offer it.

Tamiflu is not big on their list, and with good reason. It’s an all-purpose drug aimed (poorly) at specific viruses. Instead, they advise you use something natural. Viruses can be reined in better with natural remedies than with pharma cures — the natural medicine doesn’t spark a virus to mutate like a pharma drug does.

Central Family Practice sent this Facebook message tonight:

Oscillococcinum, the remedy you don’t have to be able to pronounce for it to work. Oscillococcinum is a natural flu remedy. CFP has it in stock.

If you’re in Austin, they’re at 801 W. 34th Street. Call them at (512) 371-9260.


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