Introducing the novel, “Viral Times”

For more than six years I’ve written, polished and re-written my first novel, Viral Times. This book is the project that has tugged me into research on epidemics and pandemics, viralogy, gene therapy and public health. While it makes its way through agents’ offices, the novel will appear here in installments. You need only click on the category Viraltimes-book to keep up with the chapters. I await your comments eagerly.

Viral Times takes place during the next decade, when viruses threaten our means to have sex. A reporter and a natural healer try to stop evangelical terrorists who create a bio-virus that can attack over computer networks.

In the aftermath of a flu pandemic, disgraced reporter Dayton Winstead must try to stop a more deadly virus — before an evangelical scientist unleashes it across the world’s SecureSex virtual networks. In the name of protecting virtue from rampaging online promiscuity, the evangelist means to kill millions.

Starting tomorrow, the tale of Viral Times. I’ll keep up current day reporting about the world’s pandemics and health experts’ remedies on how to keep yourself safe in these times.


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